Pam Paziotopoulos is The Bionic Woman.

                                                                             Pam Paziotopoulos is The Bionic Woman.


"In one way or another, Pam Paziotopoulos has been teaching about survival for 30 years."

 - Christine Kraly, Chicago Lawyer Magazine


Pam's Blog

Highly established in her career as an attorney and advocate for domestic violence victims, Pam continues to work tirelessly. She credits her drive and passion to her family, and to her many clients whom have been a partner and mentor (P.A.M) in her life.

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Pam's Story

Pam began her career in 1990 as a prosecutor for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, quickly focusing on the area of domestic violence. In 1996, she joined the American Prosecutor’s Research Institute’s Criminal Prosecution Division as a Senior Attorney, conducting training and speaking on domestic violence.

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Pam Paziotopoulos in Chicago Lawyer Magazine

In one way or another, Pamela Paziotopoulos has been teaching about survival for 30 years.

As a lawyer, the 48-year-old advises victims and businesses on how to help protect against the corrosive cycle of domestic violence. And, as a young student and later a mother who battled cancer, she teaches how surviving personal anguish can help show others to do the same.

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