P.A.M: Partner and Mentor

Highly established in her career as an attorney and advocate for domestic violence victims, Pam Paziotopoulos is undeniably a Wonder Woman who was recognized by WGN Radio’s Frank Fontana Show on February 7, 2016. Pam continues to work tirelessly. She credits her drive and passion to her family, and to her many clients whom have been a partner and mentor (P.A.M) in her life.

In 1997, at the request of State’s Attorney Richard A. Devine, Pam created and supervised the office’s first Domestic Violence Division. Previously, Assistant State’s Attorneys would rotate out of these courtrooms every few months, leaving victims without consistent representation. In the new division, Assistant State’s Attorneys made a two-year commitment to prosecuting domestic violence cases.

What became apparent was the vast majority of victims were dropping their cases on the first court dates. Many of these victims were financially dependent on their abusers. Pam realized if one were to prosecute without the victim's cooperation, the abuser would be sent to prison, losing his job and leaving the family in dire straights financially. There had to be a better solution.

Under the mantra of “enhancing the role of the prosecutor,” Pam sought creative ways to offer victims the comprehensive services they needed to end the abuse in their lives. One of the programs created was the resource center. The resource center was designed to provide information for the victim to gain financial independence. Victims flocked there to obtain information on everything from how to obtain their GEDs, find financial help and get childcare.

Today, Pam works as an active public speaker and consultant on workplace and domestic violence, and has worked within numerous large corporations such as NASA, Caterpillar Inc., Pfizer Inc, and East Bank Club. Pam offers consultation services within the workplace, including need and risk assessment, policy development and implementation, threat and incident management training, emergency protocols, manager and employee training and communications, record keeping, and individual case management, protection and investigation.

A symbol of health and strength, Wonder Woman Pam Paziotopoulos is a two-time cancer survivor, with her first experience with cancer happening at the age of 18 while attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Doctors discovered she had stage 4 Hodgkin’s Disease. Pam’s second battle with cancer occurred in the form of breast cancer. Her chances of survival were low in the event of recurrence. Both times, Pam had virtually no symptoms when the cancer was discovered. Today, Pam remains a cancer-free, two-time survivor, and a mentor to healthy living and vitality.

Pam’s advice to women who are going through a life challenge is to not carry their burdens alone. You need an army of loyal and devoted individuals by your side who will help to encourage you during these times. Sometimes it may be hard to identify the people who are genuine friends. Toxic people often gravitate to people whom are filled with positive energy. It is important to find a person’s motives behind a friendship and to understand if it is genuine. This understanding will help women and men to begin to take control of their lives’.

The Pam Paz blog is dedicated to raising awareness and mentoring those people who seek relationship, domestic violence, workplace violence, and healthy living advice. Our blog provides workplace and domestic safety tips, warning signs, and expert insights into living a healthy life, with healthy relationships, for a self-empowered “you”. Stay tuned to the latest news and visit our blog for more advice from the Paziotopoulos Group.

Interested in a consultation or speaking services? Contact Pam today at pam@pampaz.com.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Stalking in the Workplace

Traditionally, prosecutors and law enforcement “react” to crimes after they are committed, such as when someone is shot, injured, or murdered. There are few methods that apply techniques to avoid further violence. The mentality is just to “wait”. We know now that there is no time to wait. We must intervene before the violence escalates. It was this mentality that 

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Although isolating, emotionally abusing, and threatening the victim are certainly forms of abuse, they usually do not constitute a crime for which charges can be laid.  My friend and former supervisor, Anna Demacopoulos, used to say, “You can’t charge him for being a jerk.”  Well said!  Victims in emotionally abusive relationships tend to stay longer than those in physically abusive 

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The Santa Monica shooting is just another example of workplace violence.  It started as a domestic situation…the shooter took the life of his Dad and his brother, and then the violence infiltrated the Santa Monica College.  In the also tragic Sandy Hook situation, the shooter took the life of his mother and then went to the school to commit one of the most horrific crimes of our