What Can You Do to Help Prevent Cancer?

What Can You Do to Help Prevent Cancer?

There are so many reasons that people get cancer. Start with the heightened risk from genetic familial history. Add epigenetics that require certain triggers to “flip the cancer switch”. Factor in exposure to contaminants and dangerous material at home, on the job, or in the environment around us. There’s often never any one reason a specific person gets a specific kind of cancer, although we can usually point at one or more contributors.

Cancer is mankind’s biggest killer now that our species has learned to combat most other forms of disease. People fear the diagnosis more than any other – the very words “I’m sorry, it’s cancer,” strike a special chill to the heart.

I should know. I’ve heard the phrase twice!

As a two time cancer survivor, including breast cancer, I always wonder if there was anything I could have done to reduce my chances of cancer and make my body stronger. Maybe the fix wouldn’t have been as obvious as a preventive mastectomy (like Angelina Jolie had when she discovered her genetics gave her a staggeringly high chance of developing breast cancer), but I would have done anything I could to have prevented my own two time ordeal.

I’m not saying that giving up sugar, or caffeine, or only using certain deodorants, or eating all organic is the sure fire way to keep from getting cancer – but there some correlations between certain deficiencies in the body and the incidence of cancer. For example, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer – my second cancer – in 2009, Testing revealed that I had very low levels of Vitamin D. As it turns out, low Vitamin D levels have been linked to breast cancer.

I had been taking an over the counter multivitamin for years. I had no idea that no matter how much vitamins or minerals my pill was supposed to have, what my body would absorb from it was a different matter entirely. As it turns out, most over the counter multivitamins are grossly inferior products. (I’ve since switched to a quality supplement that focuses on delivering what it is supposed to deliver, and my D levels are much more in line.) How can you tell if your body isn’t getting what it needs?

The first step is to make sure your doctor includes screenings for vitamin and mineral levels when they do standard blood tests. If something is too low or too high, you can address it with (proper) supplements and nutrition. Remember, every person is different, so “baseline” for one individual might be way off for another. Finding a nutritional plan that works for you and meets your body’s unique needs is the key to the best possible health, and can reduce your chances of cancer and other illnesses

Now, this doesn’t mean I think cancer prevention is as simple as taking a Vitamin D pill everyday – just that I know it can lower the risk. Similarly, I got medical help for my cancers, and didn’t depend on kale smoothies, flax seeds, or carrot juice to cure me, but I do pay more attention to my body’s needs now than I did before. We all should! Having a balanced, healthy diet including a daily vitamins and supplement plan has been essential to my road to optimal health.


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