Tailored Solutions for Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention

The Paziotopoulos Group provides fully-customized solutions for companies, colleges and associations for the prevention and intervention of violence in the workplace. Implementing a comprehensive workplace violence program requires more than drafting a policy—it requires training, communications and management commitment. The Paziotopoulos Group begins each engagement with a needs assessment that outlines the gaps and opportunities in an effective workplace violence prevention and intervention program, tailoring the program to fit the unique needs of each business. Services offered include:

•   Needs Assessment/Risk Assessment
•   Policy Development and Implementation
•   Threat Management Team Development and Training
•   Incident Management Process and Threat Response
•   Emergency Protocols
•   Manager/Employee Training and Communications
•   Recordkeeping
•   Individual Case Management, Protection and Investigations

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Violence in the Workplace – Understanding Your Liability as an Employer

Workplace violence incidents are extremely damaging and expensive for employers. Beyond the obvious costs in medical care, lost productivity, destruction of morale, wages, overtime and a tarnished public image, there is additional expense in legal fees, court costs and civil liability. Significant liability can arise from tort actions as well as claims under Title VII, FMLA, Workers' Compensation, OSHA, unemployment, breach of contract and a host of other individual state laws. It is crucial for employers to implement a system that will educate employees, catch possible problems early and provide a practical structure for dealing with incidents if they occur. Dealing with a workplace violence incident is highly sensitive and its mishandling can be catastrophic to an organization. Having an established system and trained employees in place can make dealing with an incident manageable and even preventable.

Violence in College - Same Issues, Different Approach

Preventing violence in a college setting can sometimes be much more challenging than other environments. College campuses are usually wide open with many access points, lots of visitors and students with everyone carrying backpacks, many buildings and residence halls, and an environment with young people living on their own for the very first time. The messaging, training, and assessments need to be customized for this unique setting.

Make a Plan for Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention

In a recent collaborative effort, the Society for Human Resource Professionals (SHRM) and ASIS International have come together and created a new standard for workplace violence intervention. This new standard is more than a set of guidelines—it is a practical guide that outlines a proactive approach to implementing the system within any organization. This standard provides an overview of policies, processes and protocols that organizations can utilize to help identify and prevent threatening behavior and violence affecting the workplace, and to better address and resolve threats and violence that have actually occurred. A workplace violence intervention plan improves the safety of individuals and the integrity of the company.

Depend on The Paziotopoulos Group's Best-in-Class Consulting Team

The Paziotopoulos Group has assembled one of the top consulting teams in the country specializing in workplace violence. Comprised of specialists, attorneys, trained investigators and profilers, this expert team has experience in setting up workplace violence and college violence prevention and intervention programs in both corporate and university settings. They also have broad and extensive experience in training, investigation and threat response.